Welcome to Short Walks London

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I’m Robert French, a qualified guide for the City of London and Clerkenwell and Islington.  I love taking groups of people around these areas, drawing out nuggets of fun and frollicks from across the centuries, turning down narrow alleys and hidden courtyards, telling the stories of quirky characters and goings-on, as well as looking at some of the delightful buildings and gardens that London has to offer.

Why not incorporate a walk into a work awayday, or with a bunch of mates at the weekend?  Tailoring and taverns positively welcomed!

Recently completed walks include The Great Fire of London, Magna Carta, River of Life and Death, Charles Dickens’ City, The Newspapers and Naughtiness of Fleet Street, Alleyways East and City Nooks and Corners.

WALKS IN THE NEAR FUTURE (also open to requests)

Sadly walks are not possible at the time of writing (April 2020) due to COVID-19.  Right now I consider myself fortunate as I have another job (my main job), but my thoughts go out to all those in the travel and tourism industry who are severely affected by the various restrictions and the dramatic drop in business.

Hopefully at the right time it will be possible to resume walks in some way and I very much look forward to doing that.  Meanwhile I’m staying home, staying safe and continuing to read and research.

Best wishes.


Please do get in touch:

shortwalkslondon@gmail.com or +44 7753 636397

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